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Our Services

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We provide client service work and prevention / education within our communities. 

When people with a brain injury walk through our door, many aren't sure exactly what they are looking for. Our starting point is to listen and discover how we can help. We affirm the uniqueness of each individual and injury.

And when do do our prevention / education, we seek to balance information about the fragility of the brain with a belief that life must be lived, experienced and embraced. Making informed choices and knowing what to do if an injury event were to occur is key. 

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Client Service

What We Do 

We offer support services to individuals (19 yrs to 65 yrs) with acquired (diagnosed or suspected) brain injury and their families, spouses & partners, friends and the general community within the Houston, Smithers, the Hazeltons and surrounding villages.


  • Individual Support*, Advocacy, and Case Management
  • Group Support 
    • ​Peer Support Program
  • Family Support 
    • Individual
    • Group


Individuals can access our services via

  • Self-referral - call us at 250 877 7723 or email us river@bvbia.ca or tanya@bvbia.ca
  • Physicians or Hospital referral
  • Other third-party referrals

*While we are not clinicians, counsellors or medical professionals, we can connect individuals with those specialized services elsewhere in the community and we refer out as per requests.

BVBIA does NOT provide life skills support, nor do we offer rehabilition services.

Prevention and Education


Do you know of an organization or community group that would like to learn more about brain injury?

Do you want to know more about brain injury and brain health?

Perhaps you support individuals who have a brain injury, maybe you’re a member of sports team and want to know more about concussions, or you’re wondering how to improve your own brain health. Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association provides customizable training and workshops to organizations and groups in order to assist them in understanding brain injury

We provide free educational presentations to the general public and social service agencies needing assistance to obtain a better understanding of the complex issues that arise when living with, or working with people who have an acquired brain injury.

We offer several types of presentations, including:

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Educational Presentations to Schools and other interested parties and community groups.
  3. Awareness Presentations to Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations
  4. General information to family, friends and or interested individuals who wish to know more about brain injury


Your brain is you; all of you. Making informed choices is important

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