Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association


Client Service

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What We Do 

We offer support services to individuals (19 yrs to 65 yrs) with acquired (diagnosed or suspected) brain injury and their families, spouses & partners, friends and the general community within the Houston, Smithers, the Hazeltons and surrounding villages.


  • Individual Support*, Advocacy, and Case Management
  • Group Support 
    • ​Peer Support Program
  • Family Support 
    • Individual
    • Group


Individuals can access our services via

  • Self-referral - call us at 250 877 7723 or email us river@bvbia.ca or tanya@bvbia.ca
  • Physicians or Hospital referral
  • Other third-party referrals

*While we are not clinicians, counsellors or medical professionals, we can connect individuals with those specialized services elsewhere in the community and we refer out as per requests.

BVBIA does NOT provide life skills support, nor do we offer rehabilition services.

Brain injury means change. It means challenges. It also means learning and growth.


The invisibility of a brain injury can be really tough. A lot of people hear, "But you look fine, you don't look injured!" Yet a we can't heal a brain injury by willpower any more than we can a broken leg. 

Who exactly does BVBIA staff work with?

The short answer is - whoever walks through our door.

  • Some of our clients struggle to meet basic needs: others are high-functioning members of the community that are coping and living with brain injury. 
  • Some of our clients have had their lives turned completely upside-down: others have experienced a small but significant disruption. 
  • Some of our clients engage on a regular basis; some engage once in a while when they need support. 
  • Some of our clients' injuries are in their distant past: others are very recent. 
  • Some of our clients prefer to stay connected over years and years: others touch base with us once or twice and then move on.

​Do I have to have a doctor's diagnosis of a concussion or a brain injury to talk to you?

No. Here is a list of functional changes that are commonly experienced after a concussion or brain injury. If you find yourself experiencing a handful of these symptoms, give us a call. If you aren't sure, give us a call. We are low-barrier.

What exactly do BVBIA staff do?

As Social Services Workers we wear many hats at BVBIA and are advocates, support workers, good listeners, and community connectors. We are not clinicians, counsellors or medical professionals. We will connect you with those specialized services elsewhere in the community and we refer out as per your requests. BVBIA does not provide life skills support, nor do we offer rehabilitation services. 

What sort of client service work has BVBIA done?

We have (including but not limited to):

  • Helped access basic needs such as housing, food, clothing, a doctor, utilities, etc.
  • Assisted clients with complex systems (appealing a WorkSafe BC wage loss claim; apply for PWD status; accessed funding based on their individual circumstances, i.e. CPP, OAS, GIS, First Nations Health Authority, BCMSP; liase with client extended health plan providers).
  • Referred out and connected clients with other agencies (Work BC, Mental Health and Addictions, Northern Health Home and Community Care, professional counsellors, occupational therapy, speech and language pathologists).
  • Provided emotional support (coping with family and work demands, how to be with friends post-injury, how to come to terms with the current reality of the injury).
  • Information about recovery and support during the recovery process.
  • Referrals for neuropsychological assessments.

All work with clients is based on development on a service plan which is updated at least every six months. 


  • All client files are confidential.
  • Release of client information to other people or agencies requires client signature current to within thirty days of the request.
  • If we see you out and about in town, you choose whether to acknowledge us. We aren't being rude! We leave it up to you to take the initiative. We won't be offended if you walk on by.

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